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In-depth understanding of electric vehicle motors

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Nowadays, more and more people begin to use electric vehicles, and the core of electric vehicles is the motor. Today, let us take a closer look at electric vehicle motors!


Types of electric vehicle motors

1. Brushed high-speed motor. This type of motor has high efficiency, strong overload climbing ability, huge starting force, can output power after deceleration through a variable speed gear device, and is noisy.

2. Brushless low-speed motor. The gearless device has the advantages of maintenance-free and noise-free, but the controller is complex, the starting current is large, and the overload climbing ability is poor.

3. Brushed low-speed motor. The gear device without reducer has simple structure, low cost, poor starting uphill overload capacity, and high power consumption. Because the brushed high-speed motor has a high speed, it needs to be decelerated by a reduction gear device to output a large torque power, so its noise is relatively larger than that of a low-speed motor.

Connection method of electric vehicle motor

1. Judgment of the phase angle of the brushless motor. The phase angle of a brushless motor is the abbreviation of the phase algebraic angle of the brushless motor, which refers to the angle at which the current direction of each coil of the brushless motor changes in a energizing cycle. The common phase algebraic angles of brushless motors for electric vehicles are 120° and 60°.

2. Wiring method of brushed motor. Brushed motors generally have positive and negative leads. Generally speaking, the red wire is the positive pole of the motor, and the black wire is the negative pole of the motor. If the positive and negative poles are interchanged, it will only reverse the motor, and generally will not damage the motor.

What should I do if the motor of the electric car gets water?

Electric vehicle motor is the core part of electric vehicle. If it is damaged in any way, it will cause the electric vehicle to fail to operate. Especially in rainy days, it is impossible to push the electric vehicle into the house, which will cause the electric vehicle motor to enter water. If the electric vehicle motor enters water, it may cause the motor to burn out under high-temperature operation, thereby causing an internal short circuit of the motor.

In this case, you can leave the electric car aside for several hours. If the electric car can still operate normally, it means that the electric car motor is normal; in addition, you can also disassemble the electric car motor and remove the internal The moisture can be removed, or you can go to the after-sales service department for testing, so that professionals can remove the moisture inside the motor.