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Electric disc brake installation steps

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installation steps: 

    1. First insert the brake disc into the middle of the brake pads, and screw the disc brake assembly on the motor (if there is a gasket in the original brake disc, please take it out, otherwise it will cause the brake disc to jump a lot);

    2. After assembling in place, make sure that the positioning axis exceeds the positioning sleeve to ensure that the surface B in the figure is not interfered;

    3. Install the dust cover and fix the screws of the dust cover;

    4. Install the frame, screw the front bracket to the frame connection piece, fix the motor rear axle screw and the frame, insert the brake wire into the adjusting screw, the brake wire dust cover, and then tighten the brake wire.

    5. Pinch the brake lever, move the entire brake assembly to the center of the brake disc, and rotate the positioning set screw;

    6. If there is a phenomenon of hanging brake, loosen the fine adjustment screw to the best condition.

Maintenance adjustment:

    After the brake shoe wears out, loosen the lock plate adjusting screw, then rotate the crank back into place, and then tighten the screw.


Special brake disc:

    Brake discs are available in metric and imperial specifications to meet the needs of different customers


    Because some of the brake cables currently used in the market are thin and soft, and the compression stroke is large, it has a great impact on the use effect of our products. If the brake effect is still not ideal when the product is adjusted in place, please Pay attention to replace the brake cable.